Goutham Kumar Ganjam, PhD

Head of Manufacturing

Goutham Kumar Ganjam has deep experience designing and manufacturing AAV viral vectors for preclinical disease models. He serves as Head of Manufacturing at DiNAMIQS.

The author of more than 20 scientific publications, Dr. Ganjam worked at Philipps-University Marburg where he recently served as a principal investigator in the Clinic for Neurology and Department of Pharmacy, overseeing AAV based preclinical projects for central nervous system and metabolic disorders. As a member of the Center for Mind, Brain, and Behavior at Philipps-University Marburg, Dr. Ganjam worked on AAV based projects funded by ParkinsonFonds, Alzheimer Initiative, Röntgen-Behring, Deutcsche Forschungsgemeinshaft, Bundesministerium fur Bildung und Forschung, and Roche to advance the development of therapies for debilitating diseases.

Dr. Ganjam earned his PhD in Biochemistry from Georg-August University of Göttingen.